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The Olde English are descendents of the Ancient Mastiff.  These dogs are made up of any Mastiff combination.  The Mastiff breed was brought to England about 400A.D. It was referred to as the Alaunt. 

They were turned into the first true bulldog and was a true working bulldog bred to hunt and bring down large prey with their powerful jaws.  It became a sport in the arena to use these dogs to fight and bring down bulls twenty times their weight.  However, around the 1800s bull baiting was made illegal in England. 

When this law came about the bulldogs became very rare, but bred with other breeds this dog has become the foundation stock for other bull breeds. To name a few the AM Pit bull-Srafford, the Bull Terrier and some were breed to the Pug to create the modern day English Bulldog. 

They do not have the health and breeding problems the English and French Bulldogs have.  They can breed and welp on their own.  They can with stand a degree of heat and cold.

This is a very musclar and powerful dog.  However, they are very playful and comical.  They are always into something.  They make a great family and guard dog.